A Fresh Start

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. My name is Arianna, but you may call me Ari. I have another blog on WordPress entitled A Poet’s Paradise, which I use primarily for sharing my works of poetry. I created this blog, so I could express how I feel and what I believe and think of; and I just wanted to have a fresh start, hence the title of this post.

A little about me:
I turned twenty nearly two months ago (February 18). My favorite colors are white and black. I enjoy going to church on a regular basis, as doing so is like a stress reliever for me. Writing is my passion. During my free time, I often listen to new music and, if I like the song, I download it on my laptop and phone. I dream of becoming an electrical engineer, and I have plans to study in the future to become one.

If there is anything else that you would like to know, please don’t be afraid to ask.

If you’d like, you may also introduce yourself in the comments below. I’m always willing to meet and get to know new people!


7 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

    1. Hi, Gail! I removed my other website a while back. I apologize for not informing you beforehand, as I was in a rush at the time. It’s so good to see you on here again. Thank you for your kind words. I am doing well. Hope you are, too. I’m glad that you enjoyed reading my new blog, and I’m looking forward to reading your recent posts. God loves you, too!

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