You & Me

Promise me that you will be here to stay

You will not be like the rest and walk away

‘Cause you are worth too much to lose

And I am deeply afraid of hurting you.

If there is anything that I can do

Or say to prove that my feelings are true

Let me know, and I will do it in a heartbeat

I just want you to sincerely trust in me.

When you laugh, my world stops in motion

The sight of your eyes, blue like the ocean

Puts a genuine smile on my face

I never wanna put what we have to waste.

And when you cry, my heart breaks

I’d wipe the tears from your precious face

Pull you into a warm, loving embrace

Give you hope for better & brighter days.

When you feel as if no one cares

Remember me; I will always be there

As you have always been here for me

It’s you & me together for eternity.

© Arianna S. Lovendino


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